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Stacking the IBEST Certificates  

The new IBEST certificates are designed to earn three certificates in one year, if the student chooses to.

The new design of IBEST program certificates will  allow students to earn four Highline College short certificates within one year.

Three of certificates are offered every Fall, Spring, and Winter quarter in a cohort settings. They are:

Intro to Web Support will be offered individually in a regular classroom settings.

These certificates are also designed to build a pathways to BTECH certificates and degrees. Moreover, the BTECH Certificates and degrees can have the pathway to a four-year college degree in Bachelor of Applied Science.


                                                     IBEST Programs to Degrees pathways
      Click on the above image to see how flexible and stackable the IBEST Certificates


For information about the IBEST Certificates please contact Sherri Chun at 206.592.4316 or via email at schun@highline.edu