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A.A.S. in Administrative Assistant

When I began here at Highline, I had no computer skills. Now I know how to use Excel, Access and Word. I am much more confident and feel I can succeed in the business world.

—Patricia Hernandez, Highline graduate


A.A.S. in Administrative Management

The Administrative Management program has reignited my passion for the world of business. The fact that Highline designs their curriculum with input from local companies gives me confidence that I will have no problem finding a good job when I’ve finished.

—Barbara Turley, Highline student



I feel confident that the skills I am learning in the Bookkeeping certificate program—especially the computer skills—will help me find a job, and that I will be able to offer an employer the quality skills they desire.

—Cheryl Kolodzik, Highline student





Last updated: December 02, 2015